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Control Panels


There are many options when designing a control system for your project.  At SMIC, we work closely with your team members to ensure detailed scope is captured at the beginning.  We spend a lot of time on the details up front, so we can save time and money for you during the project by avoiding "scope creep".  

We do not sell a canned package nor are we bound to any one controls package.  We provide the options to you and let you make an informed decision on what your controls package should be.  There is no "one size fits all" in this industry.  At Show-Me Industrial Controls, we not only plan and prepare for the current project, but also try to anticipate any future growth you may need from your system.

We are now a UL panel shop with complete capabilities to build your repetitive or custom panels.  We design and build your panels to your specifications.

Schematics are provided with every panel we build.  We utilize AutoCAD Electrical and ensure that you not only have a PDF copy and printed copies in every panel, but also a digital copy that you can edit in the future.  We then back these drawings up on our company drive for every project so you will always have access to them if lost.

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