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Industrial Services for your Industry


We live and work in rural Missouri.  We perform service work in many small grain facilities and continue to offer services to those folks who are looking for just a little bit of automation to help their shop.

Food and Beverage

Most of us come from a background in the food and beverage manufacturing and packaging industry.  We are always diligent to follow all GMPs and pay special attention to detail when designing or modifying systems involving CCPs.


We have performed work in many different manufacturing facilities from pharmaceuticals to stainless steel sinks.  We know that after safety, knowing your processes is the next most important step to being a good integrator.


We have designed, built and programmed several ammonia refrigeration systems across the country.  We partner with the very best when it comes to refrigeration to ensure you can make it cold.  Ask us about our experience.


SMIC has integrated several waste water facilities and are always looking for new opportunities in this industry.  Give us a call to discuss your project today.

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