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PLC HMI Programming

Programming both PLCs and HMIs are an integral part of the industrial control process today.  The more intuitive your PLC and HMI programs are, the better aligned your automation will be to your desired processes.  

Our controls team is made up of former industrial technicians, managers and analysts.  We understand the need to comprehend your process disciplines and your desired outcome or "ideal state".  We have been trained in LEAN manufacturing principals and we apply this previous experience, with our knowledge of programming, to deliver results that you will be happy with.

We encourage and recommend input during the design and engineering phase of every project from your team members.  In our experience, early buy in and inclusiveness is the difference between an easy implementation phase, and one that has set back after set back.

We never program a system and lock it out so your technicians cannot modify or troubleshoot.  When we complete a project, we hand all program materials over to you, the customer because after all, they are yours.  Nothing we program is the property of SMIC.

Talk to us today and ask us about the various systems and PLC/HMI programming we have done over the years.

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